Developed according to the guidelines of the SBS- Society for Biomolecular Screening and therefore compatible with all common robotic systems.


Produced to stringent quality standards and reproducibility


ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified, DIN EN ISO 8655


Pure polypropylene (without lubricants or other additives)



96 Round Well RW Plates- robotic consumable plates with a solution optimized to provide better bioturbation and more working volume with half the stacking height. The 96-well medio plate features a low profile shape that reduces stacking height by more than 50 percent.
Quality and certification

96 RW Plate comply with Society for Biomolecular Screening (SBS) standard and are inspected for product quality after manufacture to meet DIN EN ISO 8655 standards.

Product features

96 RW Plate features a newly developed conical well base for enhanced bioturbation, along with higher well rims that reduce risk of cross-contamination and allow airtight closure, using complementary Capmats .

The ultra-compact design and low profile halves normal stacking height for an overall reduction in storage volume of more than 50%.

The plates offer high resistance to commonly used chemicals, solvents and alcohols and high stability during centrifugation.

The medio range also features alphanumeric coding to allow the registration and identification of individual samples.

96 RW Plate plates are available in 0.5ml ,1ml or 2 ml formats.

User benefits

96 RW Plate allows the user to do more with less. The enhanced well profile delivers more working volume and more efficient bioturbation while the lower profile and reduced stacking height releases valuable storage space.

Higher rims and effective airtight sealing work together to protect valuable samples from contamination, delivering peace of mind.

  • Space efficiency with up to 50% lower stack height
  • More capacity per well
  • Cylindrical wells enable a good bioturbation of samples
  • Raised rims reduce risk of cross-contamination
  • Airtight closure or sealing
  • Alphanumeric coding for data tracking



SW Plate is suitable for analysis of proteins, magnetic separation or centrifugation of sample, for sample storage and preparation especially within automated systems. Corners: front left corner chamfered for better orientation

Quality and certification
Certified according ISO 9001 and ISO 13485


Highest resistance against chemicals, solvents and alcohols. High stability during centrifugation


Due to its compact design, SW Plate can easily be stacked and stored up to 5 years in a dry, dust-free environment at room temperature.

Adhesive foils can be used for heat-sealing and guarantee an airtight closure of the plates.

The alphanumeric code on each plate is well readable and makes an easy and fast identification as well as registration of each single sample possible.


PCR Plate

High-quality PCR Plate with barcode and alphanumeric code.

  • Manufactured in EU
  • Unalterable and non-deformable polypropilene
  • Compatible with the most thermal cyclers machines