About us

Our company is a young company based in Verona, Northern Italy and numerous collaborators. The new business area "WORLD OF DISPOSABLES"

We have set ourselves the goal of offering our customers a safe and reliable source of supply for their needs for consumables required for daily high-precision sample preparation and analysis.We have long relied on highly successful business contacts and a network of satisfied users worldwide....

The SARS Cov 2 pandemic demonstrated that previous delivery concepts could be problematic. The sometimes highly variable requirements and production combined with the, even "minimal disruptions" in delivery routes (sea-air-land), lead to significant delays and even disruptions in urgent analysis causing deiconsumables to go missing.

In addition, we want to offer our customers the best possible service for all their consumable needs.

This also includes product selection and availability. In addition to pure production capacity, the reliability of production and delivery, quickly, flexibly and reliably are also an essential criterion.

Our team is supported, particularly for questions on applications, not only by our brand partners with appropriate product specialists, but precisely by external support with many years of experience in laboratory process automation and medicine.

Extensions of new product lines are already planned or are already being

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Precision & Quality

Our most important task in selecting products and manufacturers are clear and documented quality requirements.

This applies not only to the purely mechanical/physical area such as dimensions and tolerances, but also to the material and its composition, as well as to the manufacturing processes used and analytical controls.

Our efforts are not only documented by internal data sheets, but more importantly by required independent tests and certificates.

To ensure the high quality of our products, our company scrupulously checks the certificates of our manufacturers to give maximum transparency and security to our customers.